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Shark began on Sunday (ladies will understand); to say my mind has been elsewhere/non-existent is an understatement. It's Tuesday evening as I'm typing this - I honestly thought it was still Monday, that's how bad I am. 
I have yet to get round to watch Everything Sucks!, but that hasn't stopped me from reading reviews and discovering various aspects that have gone into creating such a perfectly encapsulated timeframe. 

One review, written by Caroline Framke of Vox, explores how the show has breathed new life into the latest trend of nostalgic shows (think Stranger Things and Glow), whilst also giving praise to its narrative. 

What more can I say? My childhood is coming back yet again with the sequel (finally!) to Brad Bird's The Incredibles. I and thousands of fellow 20-plus-year-olds will be shoving kids out the way for at the cinema once this is released.

And what's so bad about Bob / Mr. Incredible staying at home, caring for his kids while Helen / Elastigirl goes out to kick ass? It's a short trailer for Christ sake, why people are getting so worked about this aspect is beyond me; wait until the film comes out before you compare it to the first. 

Den of Geek is such a good source of info on all the upcoming Marvel shows - and their second/third seasons - including my most anticipated series Jessica Jones. The staff at Den of Geek have compiled as much information that they could get their hands on in the form of trailers, cast, promotion and narrative aspects, alongside the fantastic news regarding all thirteen episodes are all directed by women. 

Although there's still no news on a release date as of yet, there's no doubt that it's going to be amazingly badass. 

Having been to Los Angeles for a week, I can safely say that the city does have an obsession with live coverage of crime. Most notably car chases, but also robberies in progress and other offenses. In the land of Hollywood, it's no surprise that these non-fictional, real-time 'action sequences' land significant air-time on local news networks; think the famous Bronco chase on the I-45.

But is this coverage ultimately dangerous? Does it create an environment for unnecessary chases due to the chance of being famous on television? The New Yorker investigates with this fantastic video essay.

I have a love/hate relationship towards Casey Neistat, but when he produces videos like this - videos so clearly from the heart - that's the content I enjoy most from him. You can just feel his passion for both his editing and films and most of all - the love of his life.

Guardian writer Charles Bramesco delves into the problems that often arise during the run-up to the awards, including the inevitable backlash that films are bound to have once the spotlight is shone upon them. 

As Bramesco fantastically puts it: 'You can die an ethically thorny creative text in relative obscurity, or live long enough into the Oscar race to see yourself become problematic under public scrutiny.'

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Dr. Seuss, or should I say, Theodore Geisel, was a major part of my childhood. Horton Hears a Who! still remains by my bedside for those inevitable yearnings for simpler times; it never fails to transport me back.

I've only ever been exposed to Geisel's work, not the man himself. A biopic reportedly directed by Stephen Chbosky (Wonder) is something I never knew I even needed.

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Much like the various Oscar snubs of years past, Nerdwriter1 makes the case for The Florida Project, which I still cannot believe has not been nominated or even mentioned. 

Looks like we're getting the second season of The Punisher sooner than we thought, as filming is reported to begin in five days (February 26) and will end on July 20. WHAT.

While there's no news on when it will actually hit our small, streaming screens, it wouldn't surprise me if it were to appear on Netflix in October/November this year, much like the sudden release of its first season.

Walt Disney World is coming close to its 50th anniversary in 2021, and with that comes well-needed, new additions to parks. From Guardians of the Galaxy and Ratatouille in Epcot, the Shanghai TRON ride in the Magic Kingdom (YEESSSS) and the two new lands in Hollywood Studios - Toy Story Land and Star Wars: Galaxy's Edge. 

While Galaxy's Edge won't be opening until 2019 at the earliest, Toy Story Land finally has an opening date of June 30, courtesy of Good Morning America. Introducing two new rides to Hollywood Studios - Slinky Dog Dash and Alien Swirling Saucers - alongside an expansion of the immensely popular Toy Story Mania, this new land is looking absolutely beautiful and a 90s childhood dream. 

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Figure skating has fascinated me since I was a kid. Much to my behest, I've never been 'one' with the ice. If ever I'm on an ice rink, you're damn sure to find me hanging onto the sides for dear life and still managing to skid around ungracefully.

It's no surprise that a sport that I can only spectate has had its grips on me for so long, especially when skaters such as Tonya Harding and Miarai Nagasu nail legendary moves such as the triple axel; an art form that can only be described as 'historic'.

What else can I say; it's Nakey Jakey, i.e. my alternate self. 

So, so relatable.


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