Monday, 26 February 2018

Well, Listen to This | Chasing Giants | Dangerous EP (2018)

image credit: chasing giants

Uniquely taking inspiration from rock and R&B artists from generations past and present, Chasing Giants' debut EP Dangerous toes the line and does not settle between both aforementioned genres. The band mixes an undeniable groove and funk with a raw edge that can only quantify as a sound that has scarcely been heard before. 

Originating from the Sydney, the culture capital down under, Ben Corby (guitar), Maurice Webb (bass), and Jake Arvonen (drums) collectively produce an undeniably accessible sound; broadening the reach of rock and R&B that they are so obviously fans of. You only have to listen to opening track 'Dangerous' of the EP to immediately feel that vibe and the three following compositions follow a similar pattern. 

Chasing Giants are also passionate about bringing featured artists to the forefront of the band's environment, rather than an added accessory or as a marketing ploy. Here, they utilize the talents of individuals to create a much broader sound than they could have done by themselves, due to the added nature of different minds thinking together. The featured artists on this EP really do feel like an extension of the band, adding rather than detracting from their overall sound. 

Dangerous EP is available now via streaming sites Spotify, iTunes, Apple Music and YouTube.

Twitter: @ChasingGiants_

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