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Let's Play Pokemon Ultra Moon | Part 6 | The Grand Trial of Akala Island

   Explored the Akala Outskirts ('A grassy stretch along Akala's southern-most coast. It leads from Memorial Hill to the Ruins of Life') before taking on Olivia's Grand Trial. 

   Given a Reveal Glass from Burnette after completing Olvia's Grand Trial; a Reveal Glass is 'a looking glass that reveals the truth. It's a mysterious glass that returns a Pokemon to its original shape.'

   Can finally explore the Hano Grand Resort; a resort that is the biggest of all in Alola and is often fully booked a year in advance. 

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   Encountered Plumeria of Team Skull before Olivia's trial, which I forgot about. She battles with a Golbat (Lv. 26) and Salandit (Lv. 27). They're one level higher than in the original games. Also met with Faba from the Aether Foundation, who is trying to get a Team Skull Grunt to stop harassing a Slowpoke. After defeating the Grunt, Faba invites the player to the Hano Grand Resort after finishing the trial with Olivia. 

   Went back to Melemele to train some new Pokemon via my meticulous training. Also went to the mall and caught a Bewear to my surprise: 
'In Ultra Sun and Moon, after the player completes Olivia's grand trial, they can watch a Bewear costume show that teaches children the dangers of Bewear's immense strength. However, the show is quickly interrupted by a real Bewear, who scares the other viewers before attacking the player. If they successfully defeat or capture it, the girl who narrated the show will give the played a Max Potion in gratitude.' 
   When visiting the Hano Grand Resort, hilarity ensues when witnessing a Pikachu wedding outside of the resort. One of the boys surrounding the 'wedding' gives you a Rose Incense for being a part of it. 

   To the left of this scene, the player can encounter a famous Pikachu named Chuuster. After defeating a reporter that is harassing it, Chuuster gives the player Pikanium-Z, and the gentleman looking after the Pikachu will also offer to teach the move Volt Tackle if the player has or brings a Pikachu to him. 

After not seeing the woman with the three Pikachu's in Konikoni, I was afraid that you couldn't get Pikanium-Z in this game. I was wrong, thankfully. 

   Now the champion of HeaHea beach, and also learned the move Primarina twist. 

   I also began Wondertrading for the first time. Man, it is so addictive. I'm keeping a box of Pokemon that I can trade over so I can receive the gems like I already have. I mean, I never expected to successfully get shinies or Pokemon with Pokerus. 

'The ruins that enshrine Tapu Lele, one of the land spirits. It is said that life is born here.' 

Using a team full of water Pokemon was a bad, bad idea. Like the grass trial, don't listen to the NPC's that give you 'advice' and say which type they believe will be best for the trial; i.e. water/grass against rock.

Olivia's team comprises of Anorith (bug/rock), Lileep (rock/grass) and Lycanroc (rock). When playing these games, I hate looking up what Pokemon will be used in gym/trial battles as it ruins the surprise for me. In this case, I had to after losing the first time to figure out the type differences and their weaknesses and strengths to comprise a better team. 

Obviously, after disastrously losing the first time around, I changed my team. I also took the Plume fossil that I purchased from Olivia's shop to the Fossil Restoration Center and received an Archen, whom I adore. 

My battle plan for this round boiled down to strategy; something I lacked as a kid playing Pokemon. In this case, I used Archen and Hawlucha for Anorith. Archen fainted, therefore I had to swap out Hawlucha. It was then Salazzle's turn for Lileep, but Olivia withdrew it for Lycanroc. I swapped out Salazzle for Mudsdale, as Mudsdale was able to withstand Lycanroc much more due to the Stamina ability and its high defense. Salazzle had also weakened Lycanroc, after hitting it with a Flame Charge that was intended for Lileep. 

I managed to K-O Lycanroc with Mudsdale; such a beast. I then brought my dusk form Lycanroc out for an attack on Lileep, then brought Salazzle back out and she finished Olivia's team off. 

 * edit: I've only just realized that I've been putting the wrong ability for my Dusk form Lycanroc. He has Tough Claws, not Own Tempo. Getting mixed up with my other game, there *


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