Friday, 2 March 2018

Well, Listen to This | Ravenscroft | 'Rebel' EP (2018)

image credit: ravenscroft
Spanning classic rock genres from the invention of the blues to the pandemonium of grunge rock, Californian alternative rock band Ravenscroft pride themselves with an eclectic mix to provide a truly badass sonic experience. 

Self-describing themselves as 'Black Sabbath meets Tool, Drowning Pool meets Shinedown, and Creed meets Godsmack', the four seasoned musicians delve into all the corners of what makes new and old school rock and roll great, creating their own distinctive sound. 

Consisting of musicians Ralph Buso (vocals), Brett Gorke (guitars), Devin Baker (bass), and Pat Magrath (drums), the bands upcoming, six-song EP entitled Rebel encompasses their multi-talented range to the fullest, with the EP set for release this month (March 25). Ravenscroft will be bringing their hard-hitting, electric energy to the masses with this release; both through the studio and live performances. 

For a six-song EP, the band pulls out all the stocks to cover ground on the facets of rock and roll that they hold dear. From the heavy, Alterbridge meets Alice in Chains 'Stand Up' that would fit right at home on a Terminator soundtrack to the delicate, moving ballads 'My Dearest One' and 'The Chase'. 

Ravenscroft are one to watch, with a whole lot of material already under their belts. 

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Twitter: @ravenscroftofcl

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