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EP Review | SPINN | Debut EP (2018)

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After two singles and three music videos – the most recent being for ‘Who You Are’ – SPINN are finally ready to release their debut EP. Combining the worlds of dream pop, jangle pop and the nostalgia-infused genre of shoegaze, Liverpool-based quartet SPINN are one of those new bands that feel as though they’ve been around for decades.

Beginning with the dreamy, cheery banger that is ‘She Takes Her Time’, SPINN’s debut begins on a high and continues to do so (obviously). I reviewed ‘She Takes Her Time’ back in December 2017 and literally could not get enough of it, so hearing it finally be part of a bigger faction of SPINN’s future is absolutely delightful. It’s just one of those tunes that makes you want to dance and sway around your room for eternity. Following suit on a darker scale is ‘After Dark’, another track that I reviewed this February (you can read it here).

This one really accentuates SPINN’s ability to saunter up and down the emotional scale, turning up the melancholy and bringing down the carefree tones of ‘She Takes Her Time’. A melancholic bass line contrasts upbeat(ish) melodies, where Jonny sings of longing between two sides of a relationship at breaking point. Emulating Johnny Marr and Joy Division vibes, ‘After Dark’ relies more so on heavy instrumental breaks than its three surrounding tracks, providing an interesting glimpse into the intricacies of Jonny, Andy, Sean, and Louis.

Third track ‘Who You Are’ is SPINN’s second-most streamed track (‘Notice Me’ trumps it by far) on Spotify and for good reason. For one, ‘After Dark’ flows seamlessly into ‘Who You Are’ – always a plus in my book – and is one of the most beautifully mixed tracks that I’ve heard in a while. The balance between each instrument is perfect; they’re given an equal amount of volume to swell, with Jonny’s clear vocals swarming above creating an indie, dreamy vibe that is absolutely ideal for summer.

SPINN’s EP ends with an advantageous number that could easily have been a bit too much for a debut. Obviously, SPINN’s ‘November’ is such an epic to end on, nearly clocking in at six minutes. For one, it further cements the boy’s ability to stick with one guitar tone for an entire EP and not make it sound monotonous. They completely spin ‘November’ (eyyy) to an atmospheric, romantic comedown with sweeping drums, minimalistic breakdowns in the first two minutes. At 2:15, SPINN pick the tempo up and strike you with lightning, and continue to bounce between the two tempos to generate an end to an advantageous EP.

SPINN’s unapologetic love for jangle and dream pop is relentless and couldn’t be clearer with this debut. And that’s the best thing about this band; they know what they love, what they can produce, and they stick the hell to it.

SPINN's debut EP is available to stream now via Modern Sky UK.

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