Saturday, 7 April 2018

Introducing | Hot Dizzy

image credit: hot dizzy
Hailing from Indianapolis, Indiana, Joshua ‘Hot Dizzy’ Miller is taking the local rap and hip-hop scene by storm with a passion for his music, and his intrinsic motivation to create music to inspire people, similar to how certain musicians have had a lasting impact on himself and his music.

Helping in tough situations and whatever problems he’s dealing with; Hot Dizzy strives to be like those musicians that have helped him through his hardships. He’s carrying the torch of the greats, to make the those who need it feel like they’re being listened to.

One only has to look at the Bob Marley quote on Hot Dizzy’s site (‘One good thing about music, when it hits you, you feel no pain’) to instantly recognize where his love for creating and inspiring comes from. Hot Dizzy is currently cementing a good position in the music industry, gaining increased notice on Soundcloud and other platforms such as YouTube.

Authentic and striving to always be himself, Hot Dizzy is certainly paving his way to not only put his name on the hip-hop map but also the city of Indianapolis. 

Twitter: @HotDizzy
Facebook: @hotdizzy 
Instagram: @hotdizzyhd100
YouTube: @hotdizzy


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