Friday, 6 April 2018

Let's Play Pokemon Ultra Moon | Part 7 | Hano Beach & Ula'Ula Island

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   Explored Hano Beach, became a 'Pyukukmuku chucker'. Received 20,000 after doing the job. 

   Met with Faba at the Hano Resort. Visited the Aether Paradise for the first time to meet with Wicke and Lusamine. What is the Aether Paradise?
'A very large floating structure that serves as an artificial island located in the middle of the Alola region, near Akala Island. It was created by the Aether Foundation to serve as a base for their research.' 
   Battled with an unidentified Pokemon that enters through a wormhole after meeting with Lusamine.

   Finally, make my way to Ula'Ula Island. As soon as I set foot into Malie City ('A city with an obvious Eastern influence in its design. The architecture is distinctive here ... its architecture is heavily influenced by designs from the Johto region') a battle with Hau ensues:

Hau then gives you Lycanium Z; a crystal introduced in the Ultra games. 'It's a Pokemon-specific Z-Crystal associated with Lycanroc and allows it to upgrade its Stone Edge move into the special Z-Move Splintered Stormshards. 

   Explored the beautiful Malie Garden to meet up with Professor Kukui to inform him about the recent Ultra Beast encounter within the Aether Foundation. 

 After that, I explored the city a bit more. Went to the shops, found the weirdest building - a gym! This is a new aspect of the Ultra games. I'm pretty sure in the original duo, the land that this occupies was a pile of building equipment. There's no gym leader nor specific puzzle, just the goal to defeat all the trainers in the gym and the 'leader', where you will receive the Surge badge as a reward for completion (yes, it's based on Kanto's Vermillion City gym). 

It can be challenged once a day, and you are given the badge each time and is replaced. It's a good area to train; you receive a lot of EXP there. 

   Also visited the Community Center, and received Ash's cap from the Alolan anime ('The Hero Cap'). Entered a classroom on weather effects, and received rocks (Heat, Damp, Smooth and Icy rocks) that increase the duration of weather-induced by certain moves. 

   Met with Lillie in the library, 'a two-story building located in the north off the city's west ... the upper floor contains several books on Alola's past, touching on guardian deities, Island Kahuna's, and legendary Pokemon. 

   Consistently going back through the previous islands that I can explore to train the Pokemon in my boxes (just in case I need a specific type for trials). Going through the islands with more experience - and abilities - enables new side quests to be unlocked, like going to the police station in Melemele where Ilima needs help in interrogating some Hypno as one stole a nugget from his house. 

You lend your opinion, which causes the Hypno to become offended and they subsequently attack. Once defeated, you receive a big nugget from Ilima. 

   Probably one of the funniest and random things in this game is that when you walk up Route 2 outside Verdant Cavern, you can now do a random job for one of the trial guides and basically do their job. You don't get a lot for it - just a soda pop - but the dialogue is amusing. 

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   Able to interact with a Starmie at the Aether Paradise, and a Sandygast at Hano Beach. 

   After meeting Lusamine, the Ultra Recon Squad turn up and give information - and advice - to the foundation in regards to the Ultra Beasts and Necrozma. 


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