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Let's Play Pokemon Ultra Moon | Part 8 | Hokulani Mountain & Sophocles's Trial

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   After taking a look around the Johto influenced Malie city (oh the nostalgia), and also explored Route 10 and 11 to train my team and catch new Pokemon in the area. On Route 10, a woman needs help retrieving eight Stuffl's she somehow owns, and once completed she will give you a muscle band and 15,000

   Obtained TM73 Thunderwave

   Also obtained T66 Payback after battling a Black Belt and his Bewear 

   Made my way up to the Outer Cape of Malie City; battles ensued, which included a Janitor outside the recycling plant. Defeated his Muk and received a Twisted Spoon in the process. Also met a man named Gester, who teaches choreographed battle styles (the way you throw a poke ball in battle). To learn more moves, you have to battle certain trainer classes. 

   Eventually reached the peak of Mount Honoluki. Before I attempted the trial, I explored the mountain and battled trainers to train the team up that I intended to use. 

   Obtained TM72 Volt Switch and TM95 Snarl from a Veteran

   When entering the Pokemon Center in Malie City, Nurse Joy receives a well-deserved break and joins you as you interact with the barista in the corner of the building. It's strange to see Nurse Joy actually move away from her desk.

Hey, even Poke Center nurses deserve a break once in a while. 

  Came across a mother and child outside the Malie City library. The 'Left Pokebaobtained from the Aether Foundation was theirs and contained a Dartrix. Obtained a Mental Herb for giving the poke ball back. 

   Battled two Team Skull grunts, one had a Houndour (I still can't believe they put this pupper back in the game, I love that Pokemon so much) and a Golbat.

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image credit: hokulani mt. art via olivia huynh

'Hokulani observatory is a location on Ula'Ula Island in Alola, located on the summit of Mount Hokulani. It is the location of the trial of Sophocles, and Moylane is the head of the observatory.'

   Having learned my mistakes from the past two trials, I had a tough battle plan in place. Knowing the types used in this trial would be Electric (Elekid, Electabuzz), Steel/Flying (Skarmony), Electric/Steel (Totem Togedemaru) and Electric/Fairy (Dedenne). I built my team around these types major weaknesses, focusing on Ground against Electric, Fire against Steel, Poison against Fairy to cover all my bases. 

   The difference with the island trial here is that instead of answering security questions like in the original games, you have to complete a puzzle that involves Charjabug on a roller that when connecting, will form a line of electricity that will power up a machine to entice the Totem Pokemon to the observatory. To do so, the player has to use four buttons on the edges of the roller to rotate the panels and connect Charjabug in a line. 

There are three 'rounds'. Once you get a connection, you are greeted with a Pokemon battle. First Elekid, then Electabuzz (both of which I utilized Mudsdale), then the Totem. On the third layout, I didn't read the instructions properly and didn't realize that I needed to get the Charjabug in a diagonal line; I very nearly threw my DS against a wall until I realized it was my fault for skim reading too fast. 

When it came to the Totem Togedmaru, I had Mudsdale come out first it continuously protects itself, and Mudsdale's defense is high but gets higher every time it's hit due to its stamina ability; he ko'ed like I planned. I would have had a clean sweep with the Skarmory too, if not for its sturdy ability against my Charizard. 

   Got given Steelium Z by Molyane and received Electrium Z and Professor Kukui's Battle Royale mask by Sophocles. 


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