Wednesday, 18 April 2018

Music News | Fat Goth announce farewell shows

image credit: fat goth
It’s sad times for punk fans in the UK, the legendary Scottish trio Fat Goth are calling in quits, as Australia has claimed another one of their own – their drummer, Mark. 

It’ll be a bit hard for a punk band to continue on without a drummer, definitely for a band as tight-knit as Fat Goth. Instead of a ‘replace-and-carry-on’ situation, Fat Goth have taken the better ground and decided to leave their legacy intact.

Eight years, four albums and an immense following, Fat Goth will of course be missed. They are, however, embarking on a farewell tour of sorts, performing three shows in Glasgow (April 4), Edinburgh (Tonight, April 18) and their hometown of Dundee (April 28) before ending the band for good.

You can read Fat Goth’s full statement below: 

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