Thursday, 26 April 2018

Music Video Review | Leisure Tank | 'Higher' (2018)

image credit: leisure tank

Longing focuses mixed with disorientating cuts possess Leisure Tank’s music video for their gritty single ‘Higher’. You can read my review for the single here, and of course, the track itself needs no introduction.

image credit: leisure tank

Lynchian in mystery and lit by torchlight, frontwoman K.C. McKanzie leads the way with a charismatic presence, alongside Budi’s drumming played in a controlled frenzy. The video is lo-fi and low budget, yet it feels as though the video is bigger than it actually is thanks to the dynamic between McKanzie and Budi, and the fantastic music that ‘Higher’ provides.

Premiering exclusively on Loud Women, it fits the aesthetic of the track perfectly, basking in multiple spotlights to fit the grungy and alternative themes of the single. There are definitely essences of their influences in this video, counteracted by their personal edge and flair. 

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