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Music Video Review | Noel Gallagher's High Flying Birds | 'She Taught Me How to Fly' (2018)

image credit: noel gallagher/vevo
Reminiscent of the direct-to-video, late-night music videos that graced MTV in the late 70s and early 80s, Noel Gallagher sure knows how to create an impressionistic aesthetic. All three records that he currently has under the Noel Gallagher’s High Flying Birds moniker have their own intrinsic style, simultaneously bridged together and starkly set apart.

Much like Lana Del Rey’s videography, Gallagher seems to fit with one theme on a record and run with it. In the case of his latest release – Who Built the Moon? – and the subsequent single ‘She Taught Me How to Fly’, this time around there is a dedication to all things retro. Playing off the Americana themes of the first record, the material produced for the singles released so far (‘Holy Mountain’ and ‘It’s a Beautiful World’), the video for ‘She Taught Me How to Fly’ intrinsically delves deep into the romanticism and pure joy that Gallagher sings about, alongside what seems to be actual enjoyment in filming a music video; something that Gallagher is known to loathe.

screencap credit: noel gallagher's high flying birds / vevo

Performed on a soundstage surrounded by lighting rigs, kaleidoscopic and explosive colour incorporated in post-effects, an old box of a television and a retro camera, Gallagher is encircled by a fantastic array of imagery that fully immerses himself and the listener in the glory of feeling pure love. Basking in a psychedelically trippy vibe with Pink Floyd-esce tones, the video for ‘She Taught Me How to Fly’ is presented with such expertise. So much so that one could mistake it for a long-lost video from the aforementioned decades where music and creativity were at their peak.

Images move seamlessly with the audio, fully encompassing the depths of the song, right the way down to a subdued, pastel colour palette that is instantly intertwined with this track. The editing fits the most trivial aspects of this song, right down to the delay and feedback of the guitar and Gallagher’s mannerisms. God, the whole aesthetic to this record is breath-taking. There’s no other way to describe it.

Who Built the Moon? is available now via Sour Mash Records.

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