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Music Video Review | PBR Streetgang ft. Mattie Safer | 'Everything Changes' (2018)

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After reviewing PBR Streegang’s debut back in February, it’s great to see them flourishing even more so with the new record. ‘Everything Changes’ is the first single off the record to have a music video produced for it, and man it was such a good choice. The wit produced by duo seamlessly adapts to a music video format, bringing a defining vision to a genre-defining record.

Directed by Bob Gallagher (who also directed Enter Shikari’s video for ‘Live Outside’ last year), the video for ‘Everything Changes’ highlights the banalities and trivialities of millennial life, viewed in disgust and absurdity by an old dude (Michael O’Sullivan) and his gang.

A crisp production and seamless editing go a long way, and PBR truly benefits from it here. It may be low-budget, but you could easily mistake it for an accompanying promotional piece for Kasabian’s ‘You’re in Love with a Psycho’ from the initial hospital setting and the pastel palette that continues throughout the video. And that’s a good thing; it sets a precedent up for PBR that they are musicians that produce quality content and put thought – and wit – into a narrative instead of an array of scantily-clad girls twerking to the beat. 

Groovy, catchy and led by the smooth vocals of Mattie Safer, ‘Everything Changes’ is just the peak of what PBR has to offer. Bonar Bradberry and Tom Thorpe didn’t even need to be in the video to make it work; the suave and straight-faced O’Sullivan emulates their style and groove with ease in a short amount of time. 

PBR Streetgang definitely has more up their sleeve, maybe even in collaboration with O’Sullivan, too. 

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