Thursday, 26 April 2018

Photograph feature | Gianni Paci photographed by Mariela Napolitano (2018)

image credit: mariela napolitano

Photographed by his twin sister Mariela Napolitano the moment before he took to the stage in East Setauket, NY, there is certainly a vibe of mystic rebelliousness flowing from musician Gianni Paci. A bright exposure mixed with the dark and intimate backdrops of a small bar and empty alleyways, Napolitano captures both a candid and posed Gianni preparing to wow audiences with his innate energy like rock and rollers before him.

Premiering in Kaltblut Magazine on Wednesday, April 4, Napolitano’s selection of photographs of her brother capture a strange innocence of before the show nerves, whilst also capturing a suave confidence that the night will go his way, and he’ll have the audience in the palm of his hand. There is also an eerie sentiment of sibling connection between the two, especially in the few close-ups of Gianni where he seems to be looking not at us, but through the lens to Mariela; between brother and sister, subject and photographer.

Gianni’s classic rock and roll aura doesn’t just take form on camera. He released two full-length albums under an old pseudonym, The Pine Hollows, which aided him in establishing a solid reputation in the New York City music scene. He would go onto perform in legendary cities and spaces, including Austin City Limits in Texas and the one, the only CBGB’s.

His latest single and music video ‘It’s Always a Perfect Journey’ premiered to acclaim by a multitude of music journalists on March 1, and the same goes for his four-track EP, I Tried to Right My Wrongs, But I Made a Left. All those years surrounded by legendary musicians such as the Butthole Surfers and Jon Anderson have certainly helped Gianni to form the fortifying force that he on camera, in the studio and on stage.

He’s definitely a force to be reckoned with, and his sister’s photographs truly fortify that force. 

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