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Single Review | BARQ | 'Sassy Mouth' & 'Earthquakes' (2018)

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One of the most talked about bands in Ireland, BARQ are currently conquering their field by fusing elements of sound and genre together with ease, alongside funnelling empowerment and focus into important movements, such as Repeal the Eighth and other organizations that aid reproductive health in their home country.

Following the success of their 2016 (‘Gentle Kind of Lies’) and 2017 (‘Optimus Prime) releases, BARQ are back with a brand new double A-side release: ‘Sassy Mouth’ & ‘Earthquakes’.

A war cry for those striving for change, ‘Sassy Mouth’ situates itself between dystopian sounding instrumental breaks and contrasting verses and choruses. Kay’s vocal contribution is an obvious highlight to both tracks, but it’s in ‘Sassy Mouth’ where she allows herself to experiment – lending to a rap-verse coming out of left field but performed with ease.

If Six Underground were to collaborate with Nine Inch Nails, they would produce something like this. ‘Sassy Mouth’ harbours trip-hop sensibilities, whilst retaining a sound only BARQ could produce. ‘Earthquakes’ compliments its predecessor in the most contrasting way possible.

Seductive, Bossa-nova undertones surrounding BARQ’s signature afro-soul sound. The guitar adds flair, the rhythm section carries the track and Kay’s vocals triumph above, blending ‘Earthquakes’ together in a beautiful – and thoughtful – reflection on the breakdown of relationships (‘I don’t have time to bite my lip / I don’t have time to fight your grip’. It’s not a breakup song in the conventional sense; Kay focuses on empowering the listener with words of triumphant advice, rather than aiding self-pity.

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