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Single Review | Beth Rowley | 'Forest Fire' (2018)

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Brit-nominated singer-songwriter Beth Rowley has returned after a ten-year hiatus, debuting a new single entitled ‘Forest Fire’.

Surrounded by blues, country, folk, and gospel growing up, Rowley incorporated an amalgamation of sounds into her songwriting and vocal style, which began in the early 2000s after touring with Ronan Keating and Enrique Iglesias performing as a backing vocalist.

Rowley originally garnered attention within the British music scene in 2008 with her track ‘Little Dreamer’, which sold more than 100,000 copies and earned Rowley a Brit nomination in 2009. Not one to take this success straight to her head, Rowley was not happy with how the music industry curbed her songwriting and how she began to be packaged as a mainstream artist.

Talking of her experience in the industry and why it’s taken her ten years to return, Rowley says, ‘I had some awesome experiences being on a major label … the opportunities you get given are incredible. I loved touring and singing live the most but eventually, it stopped being fun. I don’t want to say it was all bad, but it wasn’t the right home for me, so it was best to part ways.’ Rowley’s decision is certainly a commendable one, as it has allowed Rowley to construct an image – and soundscape – that fits perfectly with her needs, influences and style.

This freedom is undeniable in Rowley’s latest release, ‘Forest Fire’, where mellow folk and longing passion rain in a slow torch song that thrives on the nostalgic melancholy of an addictive yet damaging relationship. Rowley’s voice gives her songwriting a distinct soulful voice that seeps with strong, driven emotion. Her vocals soar above the country and Jeff Beck infused guitar melodies, further blending her countless influences and sticking to what she loves, and what she wants to be translated into her music.

Rowley finally has full reigns on her own music, demonstrating how even though the industry can give great opportunities for artists, but can strip away personality and emotion in the drop of a track. Rowley brings hope to those working outside the industry, showing that even those within want to get out and fully embrace their individuality.

‘Forest Fire’ is available now via Stoopnik Records

YouTube: @BethRowleyVEVO 
Instagram: @bethrowleymusic 

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