Friday, 27 April 2018

Single Review | Chad Valley | 'See-Through' (2018)

 image credit: chad valley

Hugo Manuel, also known as Chad Valley, is back with a second single entitled ‘See-Through’ off his upcoming release Imaginary Music. The whirring, dreamlike qualities of Imaginary Music’s first single ‘Impartial’ follow seamlessly on to ‘See-Through’, further emphasizing Manuel’s ability let his songs breath and flow.

This is a promising sign for Imaginary Music, which Manuel has poured his heart and soul into after a drastic hiccup while on tour in Texas, where his laptop was stolen which contained the majority of the new album. Instead of recreating what he had first recorded, he decided to change his style from autobiographical and conceptual, completely reimagining the vision he originally had with the record. 

‘See-Through’ traverses the chillwave and synthpop genres, painting a smooth and gratifying atmosphere that doesn’t pump you up too much, instead of producing an aura of feel-good emotions. Manuel successfully leads ‘See-Through’ into 4 minutes of 80s nostalgia, straying in and out of nearly sounding like a club track but not quite reaching that sound. I love the focus on the bass in this track and the lack of layers in the chorus. You can really hear Manuel’s vocals shine, and the synth line beneath has a strong connection to the synths of Fleetwood Mac’s Tango in the Night, specifically ‘Seven Wonders’.

The duo of ‘Impartial’ and ‘See-Through’ gives me hope for Chad Valley’s upcoming release; it can’t come soon enough.

‘See-Through’ is available to stream now, and Imaginary Music will be released on May 25 via Cascine. 

Twitter: @chad_valley 
Instagram: @chadvalley 
YouTube: @cascinelabel
Soundcloud: @CASCINE

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