Friday, 13 April 2018

Single Review | Leisure Tank | 'Higher' (2018)

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Two years after the release of their debut album WetSuit, the enigmatic indie rock duo Leisure Tank have returned with their latest single ‘Higher’. Raw and full of energy, frontwoman K.C. (singer/songwriter/guitarist) and her mate Budi (drums) left Berlin to form Leisure Tank in 2014, and have proceeded to garner significant attention, especially this year with a new single in tow.

Recorded by Grammy Award-winning producer Jimmy Hogarth, Leisure Tank achieve what is usually undertaken in an album, let alone one track. Crisp production coincides with a strange sense of melancholy in ‘Higher’, where K.C. sings of the breakdown of an unbalanced relationship between two lovers.

‘Higher’ brings back a classic genre of the 1990s and decades previous; the torch song. One only has to listen to Chris Isaak’s ‘Wicked Game’ to immediately see the direction K.C. and Budi went with this track, harnessing Sisters of Mercy and PJ Harvey-like vibes along with their own to paint a soundscape that truly reflects the struggles of unbalanced relationships, where desire outweighs stability.  

Ending abruptly, ‘Higher’ will leave listeners to contemplate on their own relationships (past or present) as well as when their next single – or album – will be released. 

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