Thursday, 19 April 2018

Single Review | Michael P. Cullen | 'Do You Believe?' (2018)

image credit: michael p. cullen

Suave, heavy and unapologetically swimming in goth rock inclinations, Australian artist Michael P. Cullen has released yet another beautifully intense ballad, ‘Do You Believe?’. Emulating deep, Leonard Cohen-esque lyrical vibes with an unmistakable, personal ambiance from Cullen, ‘Do You Believe?’ traverses the age-old question of believing in love and the ramifications of doing so.

Accompanied by swirling, hypnotizing melodies and a thought-provoking beat, ‘Do You Believe?’ is able to accommodate quiet verses and distorted breaks to let Cullen to fully emerge in the dark emotions that come with the tendencies of goth rock.

Forget about jovial sentiments laced into today’s pop songs, the dark emotions that Cullen incorporates into ‘Do You Believe?’ enables a much deeper connection with both himself and the subject in which he is narrating, accompanied by an instrumental that could easily produce the same emotion even without Cullen’s soothingly, somewhat damaged deep vocal style.  

If you thought the days of Nick Cave, Depeche Mode, and the late Leonard Cohen were over, think again. Michael P. Cullen, thankfully, is making his mark on the lost art form that is dark rock with a gothic essence. And it isn’t just ‘Do You Believe?’ that he’s able to achieve this with; he has a deep catalog under his belt – thankfully – one that will grab you by the throat and get you addicted instantly.

‘Do You Believe?’ is also accompanied by a haunting music video produced, directed and edited by Graham Gall, starring Morgane Housset. You can watch the video below.

‘Do You Believe?’ is available now via Independent. 

SoundCloud: @MichaelPCullen 
Facebook: @MichaelPCullen
Twitter: @m1chaelcullen

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