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Sunday, Sunday (57)

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Good on Lindsey, if I’m honest. The way Mick Fleetwood often acts in interviews makes him come across like he’s very up himself, and the statement he gave regarding Buckingham leaving cements that for me.

“Fleetwood Mac has always been about an amazing collection of songs that are performed with a unique blend of talents,’ he says. ‘We jammed with Mike (Campbell) and Neil (Finn) and the chemistry really worked and let the band realize this is the right combination to go forward with Fleetwood Mac style. We know we have something new, yet it’s got the unmistakeable Mac sound."

The thing is, though, Buckingham was a solid backbone for Mac’s most successful years, often providing the majority of the songwriting. It’s funny how they have to get two guitarists to cover the work he provides himself. 

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Dazed writer Miss Rosen traverses the early photographs captured by prolific grunge photographer Michael Lavine in the year that Kurt Cobain would have been fifty-years-old. Lavine talks of the early days of his career, his time working for Sub Pop and the tragic end to Nirvana’s reign in 1994; all the while revealing some unseen photos of Nirvana with Chad Channing and Dave Grohl.

I definitely prefer the direction Ron Howard is now taking with this film. Instead of focusing on the strange comedic lines to win over audiences, it seems as though the film is now taking a Western tone which goes along with the smuggler concept of Han Solo’s character. That shootout on the train alone screams a classic Western flick.

I really, really hope Alden Ehrenreich shines in this film. He has the mannerisms and facial expressions down in terms of emulating Harrison Ford’s portrayal and has a wide-eyed, hopeful perspective that obviously older Solo does not.

There’s no doubt that Donald Glover, Woody Harrelson, and Emilia Clarke are going to be highlights of the film, though; especially Harrelson (which seems to be the case in any film he’s in). 

There hasn’t been much news regarding the fourth installment of Toy Story recently, other than that it’s still in the works and that Disney World is nearing the opening of Toy Story Land at Hollywood Studios this summer.

That’s all changed, as the film’s director Josh Cooley has confirmed that Toy Story 4 is set to be released on June 19, 2019, in the US.  
Influential 90s punk band L7 recently released a new single back in February – ‘I Came Back to Bitch’ – and a career-spanning documentary. The stars have aligned, and the band recently took to Pledgemusic to help fund the recording of a new record.

Their last release was in 1999 with Slap Happy … to say I’m ecstatic is beyond comprehension. 

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I have yet to see A Quiet Place, but I’m so pleased with how well it’s doing. Not only is it coming from someone who has not directed before – John Krasinski – it’s also an original horror story. Not a remake, not an adaptation, just pure, unfiltered imagination.

According to Vulture, it’s ‘notched the biggest opening weekend ever for an original horror story, which was also good enough to make it the third-highest horror opening of all time behind last year’s It and Paranormal Activity 3 from 2011.’

Finally. Let’s hope the studios and their executives pick up from this; I’m so tired of the lack of originality in the cinemas when it comes to ‘blockbusters’. There’s only so much Marvel I can take. 

As happy as I am that Pixar has finally released a full trailer, I’m slightly annoyed that Pixar kept releasing countless teasers. I feel like I’ve seen this trailer five times already.

Regardless, I still can’t wait to see the full film. I already love the comedic timing with Bob (Craig T. Nelson) and Jack-Jack and Bob’s frustration at both not knowing his kids and the lengths and efforts that Helen (Helen Parr) went through on a daily basis before the spotlight was put on her.

Favourite quote from the trailer?
Helen: ‘How are the kids?’
Bob: ‘Everything’s great!’
Helen: ‘And Jack-Jack?’
Bob: ‘… He’s in excellent health’


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