Thursday, 19 April 2018

Well, Listen to This! | GRLSKOUT | Overjoy - 'Dragonfly' [GRLSKOUT Remix]

image credit: grlskout

Utilizing the conventions of modern house with a tribal, distinctive flair, Marta aka GRLSKOUT brings life and an air of relaxation into her remix of Overjoy’s ‘Dragonfly’. Retaining the aesthetic calm of the original song, GRLSKOUT brings the beat forward but does not drown the vocals nor the track, in general, out with deep house conventions.

She lets the song – and the lyrics – breathe, allowing for a truly unique rendition that can traverse genre-boundaries into a fantastic remix. Marta makes it her own – as she does with consistent tenacity, which has made her a respectable and highly sought-after musician and DJ in the process. Marta’s work ethic certainly shines through on this track, so its no wonder that her range of clientele including David Beckham, Justin Bieber, The Kardashians and Cindy Crawford want GRLSKOUT to entertain their parties and events.

Marta is on a constant drive to produce or perform music wherever and whenever she can, and that drive lets her produce such great tracks and remixes. It’s insane that she has such a hectic work ethic yet she is able to find the time to pour so much of her talent and soul into remixes like this.

You can listen to GRLSKOUT’s remix of Overjoy’s ‘Dragonfly’ below. 

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