Saturday, 28 April 2018

Well, Listen to This! | One Point O | 'Bad Omens' EP

image credit: one point o music
Hailing from the sunny state of California, dance/EDM group One Point O strive to bring peace, love and feel good vibes in the form of a new EP entitled Bad Omens.

Consisting of six tracks each with their own, uniquely tranquil vibe set against the fast drum loops and guttural bass lines that are intrinsic to dubstep and EDM, One Point O takes the semiotics of both genres and spin them in their favour. 

From the piano swells above the echoing electronica which are eventually enveloped into their own synth line, the lyrical prowess within the loud yet melody infused ‘Stories’ to the heavy, hard-hitting dubstep infused – and aptly named – track ‘Dominance’, One Point O certainly cover all bases in these six tracks, demonstrating their adaptability and total adoration of the dance genre.

It’s a testament to the band that they are able to traverse so many corners of the genre within six tracks. You would expect this kind of work to be explored on a full-length play, not an extended play. Not only to One Point O do this so seamlessly, they also create a soundscape that certainly emulates the Californian EDM/dubstep scene, whilst also encompassing a myriad of influences of Deadmau5, Martin Garrix, and Skrillex.

One Point O’s Bad Omens is available to stream now. You can listen to a track off the EP below. 

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