Thursday, 19 April 2018

Well, Listen to This! | Timekeeper* | 'Yours, Eternally' and 'Fly With Me' (2018)

image credit: timekeeper*/ar records
The beautiful vocal stylings of Timekeeper* has released two new beautiful tracks – ‘Yours, Eternally’ and ‘Fly With Me’. Both tracks encapsulate the soulful, smooth tones that Timekeeper* is able to emulate through his voiced, back by a luscious layering of backing vocals, R&B melodies and slight instances of synthwave/dubstep to give the tracks – especially ‘Yours Eternally’ – an extra bit of flair.

‘Fly With Me’ grooves in a different direction, still utilizing the R&B of ‘Yours, Eternally’, but definitely plays with a funkier melody. The beauty with Timekeeper* is that there is no heavy reliance on backing tracks, as his voice carries the tracks perfectly. This can be seen fully on AR Records Soundcloud page, where there are some acapella versions of Timekeepers* work that are extremely impressive.

‘Yours Eternally’ and ‘Fly With Me’ are both destined to be summer hits, and to be loved in general.

Listen to the two tracks here on AR Records Soundcloud page.  

YouTube: @AR Records 

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