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EP Review | The Naked Feedback | 'Something Wicked This Way Comes' (2018)

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Stoner/desert rock is a niche genre, but it sure has a lot of power. Created and utilized by bands in the California desert scene — Kyuss, Queens of the Stone Age — it’s a wonder why bands here in England haven’t utilized the genre. That is until I stumbled across The Naked Feedback and their second extended play Something Wicked This Way Comes.

Originating from Glasgow, The Naked Feedback consists of four powerhouse musicians: Dean Anderson on vocals and guitar, Jack on bass guitar, Callum Anderson on guitar and backing vocals, and Derek Whiteford on drums. Taking obvious influence from the stoner rock scene with a tinge of blues and traditional English classic rock, The Naked Feedback are absolutely one of a kind. You would definitely not pinpoint them as a band from the UK; if I’d not read that they were from Glasgow before I listened to their music, I would have assumed they’d come straight out of Death Valley.

Something Wicked This Way Comes is laden with the hallmarks of stoner rock — heavily distorted, gnarly riffs, tight rhythm and melodic harmonies — merged with blues-infused hooks and at times Bowie-esque vocals courtesy of Anderson. Beginning with the title track, Naked Feedback deliver a hauntingly funky, deep exploration into psychedelia and self-proclaimed ‘swedge rock’. Seamless breaks occupy the track, going from an experimental tone into a bluesy jam three minutes in fully benefiting from an undeniable air of confidence. ‘Supplier of the Rationale’ follows with catchy hooks and fully demonstrates their knack for completely changing up time signatures without it being jarring. It creates a weird sense of apprehension, but ‘Supplier of the Rationale’ — and the accompanying tracks — seem naturally inclined to evolve through differing rhythms and genres.

‘Devil in the Doorway’ is a more conventional song, but badass none the less. There is definite potential for it to be a successful single, following a rock single structure of a strong guitar riff and a distinguishable verse-chorus-verse structure. The EP ends with a hypnotizing track aptly named ‘The Hypnotiser’, where the guitar takes a life of its own and literally becomes a second vocal line. It’s a mesmerizing end to a mesmerizing EP.

It’s unbelievable that The Naked Feedback aren't traversing the world alongside alternative rock greats like Queens of the Stone Age. From this EP alone, they would fit right in. 

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