Thursday, 3 May 2018

Single Review | Baba | 'I, Defy' (2018)

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Suave, defiant and empowered, Dublin singer-songwriter Baba brings forth a ‘pro-woman, pro-choice and pro-equality’ anthem for those who strive to unapologetically be themselves and not to bow down to an overarching power. Following her vastly different debut single ‘Empty Arms’, Baba certainly demonstrates her immense power in songwriting and self-worth, allowing listeners to feel this strive for change to aid in both bettering themselves, those around them and the governing powers of the country.

Written in response to a man who told Baba aka Siobhan Lynch that woman who partakes in a one-night stand ‘is a slut’ and ‘deserves everything she gets’, Lynch transforms the ideas surrounding gender roles with a beautiful, smooth voice accompanied by a doo-wop, 50s/60s vibe where a reliance on vocal experimentation (using the breath and handclaps as a beat) make you feel extremely empowered for change and to defy the man.

‘The lyrics touch on everything the I feared growing up as a girl and that now – to some extent – still fear as an adult,’ Lynch says. ‘Not being good enough, pretty enough, slim enough, clever enough.’ ‘I, Defy’ certainly provokes a feeling of need and transformation regarding how women are seen, heard and referred to; and Baba is being quiet about it, thankfully.

‘I, Defy’ will be available on May 15, and you can listen to her other material below.

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Twitter: @BabaLynchMusic

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