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Single Review | Christina Aguilera ft. Demi Lovato | 'Fall In Line' (2018)

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Having already dropped two singles from her upcoming album Liberation, Christina Aguilera’s ‘Fall in Line’ completes the fiercely differing trio. ‘Accelerate’ is hip-hop infused, ‘Twice’ is a class Aguilera ballad, and ‘Fall in Line’ flaunts Aguilera’s vocal range against Demi Lovato’s equally powerful range. Is this heaven?

Not your typical empowerment song, ‘Fall in Line’ commends women by swiftly covering the flaws in society and focusing on courage and optimism in the face of adversary. It’s a dark time, and maybe it’s not going to change but that doesn’t have to stop the women of this generation and the young girls of the next from showing their strength or speaking their mind. The message is clear: We’re not going to fall in line; our strength and power deny us to.

Accompanied by a sadistic, hauntingly pitch-changed voice appears underneath Aguilera and Lovato’s vocals in the break, spouting the line “Shut your mouth / Stick your ass out for me / March two three / Two three / Who told you / You’re allowed to think,” which is immediately undercut by the duo’s purely powerful vocal ranges.

There is no ‘fuck you’ to the opposite gender, and there’s no over-sexualization. It’s a pure, straight-to-the-point anthem that fully encapsulates and fortifies strength, especially when sung in the incomparable voices of Aguilera and Lovato. It’s hard to hear where Aguilera’s voice begins, and Lovato’s voice ends; I didn’t know we needed this collab until now.

The track’s music video is equally as captivating, fortifying the message further through polaroids of a multitude of different women, alongside the aesthetic of having other women speaking Aguilera and Lovato’s vocals — we’re all in this together.

‘Fall in Line’ fits perfectly on the aptly named Liberation. Aguilera seems to be crafting a record that liberates not only women but herself too. The promo art for the record sees Aguilera appreciating raw beauty, and the eclectic mix of genres we’ve seen so far from the record also demonstrates her comfort in what she is producing. It looks like Liberation is going to be the Aguilera record we’ve all been waiting for, like when Stripped was released back in 2002.

Liberation is due for release on June 15 via RCA Records. 

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