Friday, 4 May 2018

Single Review | Miftah Bravenda | 'You Look Like Something I Knew Once' (2018)

image credit: miftah bravenda

Simulating the aural tones of the ambient-electronica genre, musician Miftah Bravenda utilizes his knowledge as a sound engineer to create an atmospherically rich single entitled ‘You Look Like Something I Knew Once’. Recorded in his private studio – Are You High? Soundlab – in Indonesia, Bravenda uses the anxiety he feels and the nature surrounding him to generate a living soundmap to incite memories of lost loves and their unknown return.

Bravenda’s ability to emulate sounds of traditional instruments through synthesizers and other instruments gives him a plethora of material to work with, which can certainly be heard on ‘You Look Like Something I Knew Once’. From the static background to the piano melodies and longing synth in the foreground, Bravenda paints an unobtrusive, visual landscape with ease. He fully encapsulates a sense of longing and his own personal anxiety, making the track relatable not only to himself but to those listening to his creation, too.

The emphasis on tone and atmosphere in this single really bring the composition to life, with a mood slowly being injected throughout the track until the ultimate pay off towards the end. It’s one of Bravenda’s purest talents – to create an unfathomable aura and overall feel; something he does with such ease. 

‘You Look Like Something I Knew Once’ is available to listen to now on a variety of digital platforms.

Instagram: @miftah_bravenda 
Twitter: @an_adverb 
Soundcloud: @miftahbravenda 
Bandcamp: @miftahbravenda  

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