Sunday, 13 May 2018

Single Review | Mikäel | 'Underground' (2018)

image credit: mikäel
Flourishing within an emotionally tender atmosphere, Swedish singer-songwriter Mikäel utilizes a contemporary tone amidst modern sensibilities in compositional structure with his new release 'Underground'. 

Mikäel allows 'Underground' to naturally progress rather than overload the track with meaningless additions in instrumentation, in turn letting his deep, soulful voice flourish above the swell of piano melodies and string accompaniments. 'Underground' begins and ends with a beautiful piano refrain, which Mikäel uses as a foundation to build the track upon which ultimately grounds the track. Mikäel naturally knows when to pause, when to take instruments out and when to introduce them, producing an unobtrusive arrangement that exemplifies his talent in songwriting. 

Carefully arranged and produced with a definite vocal focus, 'Underground' is accompanied by a beautifully produced music video, fully encompassing the themes and emotions of the track itself. 

You can listen to Mikäel's 'Underground' below.   


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