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With the recent success of Avengers: Infinity War, it's obvious that a long, 10-year run-up of stand-alones and ensemble films makes for a largely successful journey of character development. As Stuart Heritage writes for The Guardian, 'we've watched these characters grow and change and their relationships evolve in several ways.'

Marvel has proved that treating film like an episodic series of television works wonders. As Heritage points out, Infinity War does not work as a standalone. You need to view the necessary films in order (from 2008's Iron Man), to fully envelop yourself in the story created by these writers, directors, actors, and actresses. It's beyond what anyone could have expected - or imagined - Marvel to accomplish. 

It's a lot of work - and a lot of film - to watch, but in the long run, the story surrounding the formation of the Avengers and the narratives they get caught up in is immensely detailed for a film series. Marvel has definitely set the precedent for blockbuster universes, superhero related or not. 

Rebecca Nicholson of The Guardian also explores the blockbusters vs. television conundrum, exploring recent film-to-series adaptations and why they can be so successful. You can read her article here

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If I had not watched Good Morning Britain on May 3, I would have probably not come across Olympic swimmer Yusra Mardini until the 2020 Tokyo Olympics. Her story from Syrian refugee to Olympic swimmer is absolutely inspiring, and you can read more about her story in Louise Donovan's piece over at Elle, and Mardini's upcoming book Butterfly: From Refugee to Olympian - My Story of Rescue, Hope and Triumph which is set for release on May 22. 

October 26 could not come quick enough, I want my hands on Red Dead Redemption II so, so bad. Rockstar released yet another trailer last week, and it looks as stunning as it did in the previous trailers. 

Stunning visuals and what seems to be an immensely detailed story (I mean, what would you expect from Rockstar?), this installment of Red Dead Redemption is certainly not going to disappoint. As one person in the comments has written, 'Rockstar doesn't create games, they create masterpieces.'

As a recent graduate, there have been many days where I'd feel down that I hadn't gone straight from uni into a job like many of my peers had. However, that's all changing now (exciting times for me!), but I'm still keeping an open mind like always, a mind that needs to be constantly shaped by inspirational books. 

Kerri Jarema at Bustle has me covered, and you guys, too. She lists 11 books that are aimed to inspire, motivate and captivate recent graduates 'up after the emotions of the big day'. 

Jarema includes In Conclusion, Don't Worry About It by Lauren Graham, Congratulations, By the Way by George Saunders, This is Me by Chrissy Metz and Failing Up by Leslie Odom Jr. and many more. 

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The heavens have opened, and we have been graced with some new set photos of The Punisher's second season. We've been given a glimpse at new character Amy Bendix (portrayed by Giorgia Whigham) alongside Frank Castle (portrayed by Jon Bernthal) who I have missed so, so much. Ben Barnes, Amber Rose Revah, and Jason R. Moore will be returning, alongside new stars Floriana Lima (Supergirl) and Josh Stewart (Transcendence).  

Digital Spy's Sam Warner explores the speculation surrounding what season two will bring in terms of storyline, where 'speculation is rife as to what comic storylines season two will tell.' 

There are so many good television shows on the air lately, Vulture has had to change the schedule regarding their 'Best TV shows so far' list by beginning to publish it at the end of April, to keep up with the ongoing releases of television. 

Nonfiction and scripted series are both eligible on Jen Chaney and Matt Zoller Seitz list, but only after a series has aired in its entirety. Shows like Atlanta, The Americans, and The Handmaid's Tale aren't included yet as they have yet to completely air, but they have definitely earned a place on the list later in the year. 

Shows such as The Assassination of Gianni Versace: American Crime Story (FX), Queer Eye (Netflix), Divorce (HBO) and Flint Town (Netflix) have earned their well-regarded places on the current list. 

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As someone who battles with General Anxiety Disorder and mild depression, it's comforting to hear someone like Ryan Reynolds suffers - and deals with - anxiety too. 

It's easy to judge people on their persona alone, which is what I've done regarding Reynolds when watching him in film and interviews. I had no idea he had anxiety issues like me. You can read the extent of Reynolds issues in Shannon Carlin's article on Bustle, but just to hear that Reynold's can't eat before interviews and other press related things due to nausea is something I also go through on a daily basis before doing social activities. 

I mean, I'm getting better. I have my own coping mechanisms - including Headspace, bizarrely enough - and so does Reynolds with his humor. General Anxiety Disorder definitely needs to be researched and focused on more; it's such a debilitating mental condition that still has a lack of research, funding, and accessibility to help those affected that isn't just CBT or medication. 

This weekends SNL was the funniest the show has been in a long, long time. There are so many highlights to mention - my favorite sketch was a tie between the Jurassic World courtroom (that you can watch below), and a Kayne twist on A Quiet Place

Donald Glover can literally do anything; the man is insanely talented - and hilarious. 

I mean, it's nice to see that some members of the staff over at EA are listening, but it really seems to fall on deaf ears. 

Gita Jackson of Kotaku explains the fraught relationship between gamers and creators, that The Sims 4 has regressed from what the Sims 3 offered. As I mentioned in this post detailing the DLC problem within the game, EA seems to care more about what money they can get out of Sims fans rather than what the fans actually want (i.e. a Seasons and University expansion pack). 

I've said it before and I'll say it again, we still don't have those expansions, and it's near the point in the game's lifecycle where a 5th installment to the franchise is due. 

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We don't know much about the spin-off series of What We Do in the Shadows, but FX has officially announced a half-hour comedy series based on Jemaine Clement and Taika Waititi's feature film of the same name. 

There's already a sequel to that film in the works, but the series is set to take an American spin on the narrative by basing the story on a trio of dysfunctional vampires in New York. The series is slated for release in Spring of 2019. 

Other than missing the 2008 Wembley gig, I've been to every UK Foo Fighters tour since I became a fan back in 2007. When the boys announced the huge London stadium gigs for the Concrete and Gold tour next year, I couldn't afford a ticket. Luckily, I had bagged a seat at the one-off O2 show so that compensated for it, but I still booked the two days off, y'know, just in case. 

Lo and behold, Foos released some extra tickets for the big shows. I thought, 'fuck it', and sat nervously with my finger on the mouse for the 10 am sale time ... and managed to get a ticket! It was literally the easiest process I've had purchasing tickets for a gig, which is surprising since they only released two blocks worth lmao. 

So, now I'm seeing Pearl Jam, Wolf Alice, and Foo Fighters in one week in June. What the hell?! 

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Dave Grohl talks barbeques, his confidence in not letting people tell him to do and a strange - not solo - project with GQ features director Jonathan Heaf and photographer Norman Jean Roy. The interview is absolutely brilliant and vast, further cementing Grohl's hyperactive drive and lust for life. 

Any interview with Grohl makes you want to live life to the max with no off switch. I can definitely relate to wanting to do 50 different things at once. When you have a creative mind like Grohl's, you never want to stop, never want to sleep. You just want to create and consume creativity every hour of the day. 

13 Reasons Why is set to return for its second season on May 18, and Samantha Highfill at Entertainment Weekly has rounded up everything we need to know about the second season, including polaroids replacing the tapes, answers regarding Hannah's death and how it's affecting those that were involved. 

Season 2 will pick up a number of months after the end of the first seasons, where Hannah's past will be revealed in turn helping the context behind the events that have already occurred. 


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