Wednesday, 2 May 2018

Well, Listen to This! | Bone Nest

image credit: boneface

When looking for music to just zone out and relax to, it’s easy to come across a generic playlist of synthwave where the artists practically sound the same from one song to the next. Too many musicians get stuck in the conventional aesthetic associated within the genre and are afraid to branch out from the well-known synth lines and samples. Bone Nest, however, is not.

Originating from San Francisco, California, Bone Nest is an artist and producer that definitely has no ties nor barriers when it comes to his sound. It’s hard to place their music within a genre label; I want to call it synthwave or vaporwave, but they have an innate ability to dive in and out of contrasting genres that it’s hard to define it.

From the three tracks featured on their site – ‘Soul Flex’, ‘Hi Like Me’ and ‘fkbyzantm’ – and their latest on Soundcloud (that literally dropped today) ‘soulflex’ completely differ from another, whilst retaining a signature chill, minimalistic vibe that sets Bone Nest above their contemporaries. It’s rare to be able to envision what sort of art that a musician is trying to create with their music, and with their YouTube and Vimeo channels, it’s not hard. Bone Nest is definitely a rarity amongst the ambient/chill-out music scene in 2018.

YouTube: @BoneNest 
Vimeo: @bonenest 
Instagram: @bonenest
Soundcloud: @bonenest

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