Friday, 4 May 2018

Well, Listen to This! | 'Wishing on a Falling Star' | ESP Evolution

image credit: esp evolution
Producing feel-good vibes from the luminous West Coast, producer/guitarist Overdose and singer/songwriter Lady Capri strive to project a much-needed message of ‘hope, freedom, and unity’ across the world through their collective moniker, ESP Evolution.

Beginning in the streets of Los Angeles, the duo has produced a track with distorted beats and fire spoken verses, alongside beautiful vocals and an optimistic, catchy mantra. ‘Wishing on a Falling Star’ is a song of pure optimism; a strive to do better and to push oneself to beyond their limits, imploring them to ‘be anything you dream’ and that you must ‘give yourself a chance.’

ESP Evolution’s single further demonstrates their ability to meld multiple genres together in unison with an unquestionable passion to better the world rather than to better themselves. ‘An anthem of hope, love, and freedom’, ‘Wishing on a Falling Star’ is an anthem the world certainly needs right now and will hopefully learn and strive from. 

You can listen to and watch the video for 'Wishing on a Falling Star' below. 

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