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Let's Play Pokemon Ultra Moon | Part 9 | Tapu Village and Acerola's Trial

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   Battled with Guzma in Malie Garden, against his Golisopod and Masquerain. Utilized Pikachu in this battle, since my first impression f*cked me over (Golisopod ). Brought out Mudsdale instead to revive Pikachu then brought him back out, and he managed to KO both. 

   Received Primarina Z from Professor Kukui after defeating Guzma, then explored Route 12 and received TM82 Dragon Tail.  

  Entered Route 13 — Met with Gladion; telling me and Hau to keep Cosmog safe (if we know where it is), and obtained TM12 Taunt. 

   Entered Tapu Village, then on to Route 15 to the Aether House — "Where Pokemon and people huddle together."

    Met Acerola again in the Aether House, and also battled Preschooler Hunter and saved Lillie from a Team Skull member. 

   Visited the Geothermal Power Plant after training my team on Blush Mountain in preparation for the trial. Got to learn about geothermal practices like cooling towers, steam vents, etc. with pictures of the power plants in Kalos and Kanto. 

   Met Hapu again on Route 12 with her Mudsdale — Now have the ability to ride Mudsdale via the Ride Page, and she also mentions the Ultra Recon Squad. 

   Also met with Oak on Route 12. After that, made my way down to Ula'ula Beach to the Mantine Surfing Spot. Beautifully layered with the shadowed caverns like a little cove. 

   Found a bottle on the beach — "To whoever is reading this letter, I would be very grateful if you could deliver this letter to Nainoa, a trainer on Ula'ula Island of Alola. He should be at Malie City's Cape, and if you could challenge him to a Pokemon battle, you would be doing me a favour. I would go myself, but I figured you could get him warmed up for me! Just kidding, of course." 

   The adorable Slowpoke on the Ula'ula beach are managed and protected by the Alolan region. 

   Battled the Route 12 'Kahuna' Collector Andrew, and obtained TM12 Taunt 

   Met with Hau again, then the Ultra Recon Squad where they explained how their light was stolen by Necrozma. 

   God, I love the detail of the abandoned supermarket and the area surrounding it — the cracked road especially

   Interacted with the Magnemite on Blush Mountain. Meeting with Oak again in the Geothermal Power Plant — Given a Lure ball. 

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"The site of the village and the supermarket were grounds held sacred by Tapu Bulu, causing the guardian deity to destroy everything built there in a fit of rage."

   Well. Originally, I had planned on using an Alolan Marowak for the first time, since I hadn't experienced battling with it yet. I went to look at what ghost type moves it would learn after evolving aaaanndddd surprise, it can only learn Hex and Shadow Bone before it evolves at level 28, but a normal Cubone can't learn them because it's not a ghost/fire type. So how do you get around that? You have to wait until the end of the game to find the move reminder who will teach your Alolan Marowak these moves. What the hell, Game Freak?! 

   After accepting that I couldn't use Marowak, I turned to Phantump. My plan was to get it up to level 40 and evolve it Trevenant, and I hit another wall. Phantump won't evolve unless traded. I still used it at first, but as you can see, this trial went off to a great start. 

 I've gotta say, though. This trial is definitely one of my favourites due to the interactivity of finding ghost pokemon on the Poke Finder. When it came to the totem Mimikyu, I had to physically maneuver the 3DS around to actually try and find it. 

   I was fairly confident with the below team because of the psychic and dark types. Then Mimikyu's 'Rough Play' happened lmao

   Safe to say, that team did not work. I then figured out that Salazzle might be my best bet since it's combined typing of fire and poison was extremely strong against Mimikyu's ghost and fairy typing. 

   I actually forgot that I taught 'Shadow Claw' to Charizard, which literally saved me from this battle and replaced Phantump with him. Mimikyu and Jellicent had nothing on that move or Charizard in general. He did faint once or twice, but I used the rest of the team to buffer the hits as I revived and healed up both Charizard and Salazzle. 

   Thankfully, this team won. I will end up planning a team properly, I promise. I think I get too over-confident lmao. At least I obtained Ghostium Z and 10 dusk balls, finally. 


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