Saturday, 28 July 2018

Single Review | 'Black & White' | Nausica (2018)

credit: nausica

Intricate in concept and perfectly executed, German-Dutch quartet Nausica's single 'Black & White' harnesses the synthwave / vapourwave aesthetic with flawless fervor. Laced with a smooth, palm muted guitar as the backbone, a captivating bass, and sleek vocals, 'Black & White emits such a cool vibe that is oh so unique to the eccentricity of the band. 

Heavy verses, lighter choruses, and a dreamy bridge all connect perfectly and provide an infallible foundation for the single's concept. Describing two different mindsets in the form of an ongoing flashback, the single explores how "conscious choices are made with clear memories, in contradiction to the typical grey area, where everything you feel and do seems blurry." 

"The chorus could be perceived as the deep, powerful, and colourful output of emotions, almost losing the feeling for reality." You truly become lost in 'Black & White's emotional soundscape, an ethereal haze accompanied by washing synths that almost has you believing that you're in the midst of the 80s and a not-so-distant future. Nausica lift you from reality and let you traverse your mind in a way that you may not have deemed possible. 

Nauscia's 'Black & White' is avaliable to stream and download now via Knight Rider Records.


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