Tuesday, 14 August 2018

Introducing | Big Kidd

credit: big kidd

An unsigned rapper hailing from Western Australia, Big Kidd has been kicking up a storm online and rightfully so. Working alongside rapper COMPLETE, Big Kidd has a plethora of unreleased songs and music videos but has begun to release some deep tracks like ‘T.W.N.M.H.’ aka ‘They Were Never My Homies’, and the 50 Cent remix ‘Back Down’. 

Both tracks focus on Big Kidd’s ability to combine hard, aggressive rap with melancholy, rapping about personal subjects that are easily relatable to listeners. The raw emotions that Bigg Kidd provides — especially in ‘T.W.N.M.H.’ — emphasises a specific type of pain, which can easily be transferrable to listeners who have also been in the same situation of losing friends and contemplating the reasons why.

Recording and producing his music at a well-known studio in Warwick, Western Australia, Big Kidd collaborates with his engineer Uncle Sam and studio owner Rob Shaker, who mix the rappers music and aid in creating these sick tracks. 

Listen to ‘T.W.N.M.H’ below, and the rest of Big Kidd’s tracks are on his YouTube page, like ‘Kash Me Kash Me’ ft. Lil Ajo, ‘Time Has Been So Cruel’, and ‘Back Down’.

Soundcloud: @blake-kid
YouTube: @BIG KIDD
Facebook: @CypherKiddDon


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