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Let's Play Pokemon Ultra Moon | Part 10 | Ula'ula Grand Trial

credit: nintendo

   Confronted with Team Skull and Plumeria outside the Aether House. Turns out they've stolen Pokemon from the two orphan kids inside the house. The little girl gave me a rare candy as an incentive to find her stolen Yungoos. 

   They took the Pokemon to Po Town — the headquarters of Team Skull — so I began my journey over there. Explored Route 15 first, "a water route that lies on the Western coast of Ula'ula Island. People often rely on Pokemon to traverse it." 

   Rely they do, as I was met with Grimsley on said route, and he finally gave me the Sharpedo ride pager. Grimsley is an Elite Four trainer from Unova, who has since stepped down from his role and has become an accomplished Mantine Surfer. 

   Found TM62 Acrobatics.

   I traversed to Po Town via Route 16, "a town barricaded with tall walls that seem to reach the sky. It is occupied by Team Skull". On the way, I crawled under a trailer and was challenged by a little kid near her secret base. 

   Found TM81 X-Scissor.

   Explored Ula'ula meadow, met Aether Chief Faba inside and also battled with that Oricorio trainer Meredith. 

   Found TM03 Psyshock (one of my favourite moves), and TM80 Rock Slide.

   Finally got to Po Town, met with Police Captain / Detective — and Kahuna — Nanu before heading inside. The ever so energetic uncle of Acerola, he resides in the Po Town Police Station where he lives with a lot of Meowths. 

   There are a lot of totem stickers in Po Town. Also forgot how many battles there were, especially in the Shady House. Luckily my team were in their mid-to-late 40s.

   Found TM36 Sludge Bomb. 

   Battled with Team Skull's Guzma in the Shady House, who had a very tough Goliospod. The combined power of Lycanroc and Pikachu thankfully saved my ass. Received Buginium Z, as Guzma had (somehow) been stockpiling Z-Crystals). 

   Headed back to the Aether House to return the stolen Pokemon, and it turns out that Lillie has disappeared...well, kinda. She's gone willingly with Team Skull to the Aether Paradise. Gladion also shows up and takes his anger out with a battle (which I easily beat, might I add). 

   Made my way over to the Aether Paradise with Hau and Gladion from Malie City pier. When we turn up, we're now classed as intruders and as such have to battle employees. Since I'm near level 50, I absolutely pummelled those employees — including Chief Faba. 

   Received a Totem Togedemaru and Mimikyu from Samson Oak after gaining 70 — and eventually 80 — totem stickers. 

   You know me, I'll explore every single part of a route that I can to find new — and rare — items, so I obviously explored the new additions of a trainer class in this game, the Surf Associate Building and learning about "the mythical Over-The-Gyrados' move / trick. 

   Came across a man with his Starmie who loves staring contests — and is doing so against a Corsola and a Slowpoke. The man says that only a Pokemon that knows Tickle could beat his Starmie instantly. 

   Also interacted with a kid who tricked me into looking at a sandcastle he's built. Turns out it's actually a wild Sandygast. 

   Played with an Oranguru in Po Town. 

   Battled with Office Worker Royce in Po Town, who is offering a bounty of treasure at a discount. I mean, he's selling big nuggets for PokémonDollar.png5,000 when they're really PokémonDollar.png20,000 (?!)

"A city with obvious Eastern influence in its design. The architecture is distinctive here."

   Headed over to Malie City Pier, and ended up battling Nanu. What I didn't realise was this was actually the Ula'ula Grand Trial. Luckily, with my team were capable at battling Nanu with complete ease thanks to my constant training — I obviously utilised Primarina's duel typing in this trial. 

   Missed Lycanroc so he's back on the team — training him up to match the rest of my buds. 


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