Saturday, 11 August 2018

Single Review | 'What's Done Is Done' | Alisha Brown (2018)

credit: alisha brown

A stunningly personal track sung with a smooth, soulful voice, Alisha Brown confidently draws from her experiences of being raped to aid, empower, and enlighten others; to tell victims that it’s okay to feel the myriad of emotions brought forth by experiences such as this, and that there will be a time where to let these feelings dissipate. 

Brown’s time came when she found the love of God to help “her heal from the painful experience”, in turn spurring her on to create the delicately powerful “What’s Done Is Done”. A polished production —with a definite 90s R&B vibe — propels the track even further, bringing an extra dose of sentiment to the strong lyrical content. 

She finds the perfect balance between calm and power, reiterating her message that empathy, compassion, and optimism can be found in the depths of depravity. “My child, what’s done is done. You can’t change what’s happened,” Brown implores. “Just remember I still love you, God’s got great plans for you, let go of all that shame.” 

Featuring singer Natty Joshia and rapper Triple O, Brown accommodates both artists who add their own personal flair to the track with insightful breaks and harmonies that blend perfectly with Brown’s range and vocal ability. 

A beautiful single that touches upon the stories of herself and her fellow survivors, Brown has most certainly created a song that can help begin the process of letting go and moving forward from traumatically painful experiences.

Twitter: @AlishaBrownUK
Instagram: @alishabrownuk
Soundcloud: @alishabrownmusicuk

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