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I don’t think I’ve ever been this excited about an upcoming Pokemon game. I mean sure, when the trailers and updates regarding Sun and Moon were released I was stoked, but the marketing and sneak peaks surrounding the Let’s Go games are getting me so hyped.

The last teasers demonstrated a vast scope in personalization for each Pokemon with the walking/following dynamics, but this teaser boosts that up a whole damn notch. Not only are Mega Evolutions returning — that being implemented into the game hadn’t even crossed my mind — but Jessie, James, and Meowth will be antagonizing you throughout your journey in Kanto. By the looks of it (i.e., the animation they included), they will be harassing you in the same theatrical style that they impose upon Ash in the anime.

There was also insight into the unique designs of the cities in the Kanto region — the spotlight here is on the coastal haven that is Vermillion City. From shots on the bow of the S.S. Anne — accompanied by unique interactions with Eevee and Pikachu — to the trivial details of nautical designs on the lampposts lining the streets.

Oh, and did I mention that Lt. Surge is as ripped as ever? Because Game Freak included that, too. November can’t come soon enough.

I’m not afraid to admit it — I have developed an infinity with collecting vinyl, cassettes, and videotapes. I say collect, the videotapes are from the late 90s/early 2000s that I’ve miraculously kept for an unknown reason, and vinyl/cassettes I’ve inherited from my parents’ collections. I have, like many my age, begun to seek out vinyl when it comes to buying and listening to new music. The process of holding it in your hands and physically having to turn the record over is second to none. 

But I nearly always end up questioning myself: Why have CDs never made me feel this way? I grew up in the CD craze, i.e. CDs were my main source when it came to listening to my music. The era of digital downloads and streaming were slowly enveloping my peripheral vision, but I didn’t fully embrace that movement until my late teens. It’s not like I’ve gotten rid of my CDs either, they’re chilling on my shelf gathering dust as I type. 

So why is it that I don’t feel as nostalgic with my CDs compared to that glorious wave of warmth whenever I place my ancient Lion King video into my VHS player?

The Guardian’s Jumi Akinfenwa ponders that same idea, delving into the weird — and fast — resurgence of vinyl that we’ve experienced recently, and whether or not CDs will ever find a similar, revamped success in this 'modern' era. 

Will the compact disc ever be able to re-rise to the heights that vinyl has? Only time will tell.

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As much as I adore television — and Breaking Bad — I don’t think I will ever be able to muster up the willpower that Vulture’s Kimberly Potts has conducted through her extensive ranking of every Breaking Bad episode.

Every. Damn. Episode. 

With 62 episodes in total, Potts obviously implements a “range of factors” to consider that will determine their place on the ranking scale. These include: “Pivotal moments, major themes, memorable performances, and the overall scope of Breaking Bad as an amazingly detailed story and character study” to give the episodes their right of place on the mother of all ranking-boards. 

Obviously, you’ll kinda need to watch the whole series to fully understand and appreciate Potts work here, but even the casual viewer will appreciate the effort, detail, and decision-making implemented in this list.

Even though I’m beginning to pave my way in the world a year after graduation, it doesn’t mean that I didn’t fall for the post-graduate woes. In all honesty, you can’t really avoid it — as Dusty Baxter-Wright and Mollie Davies mention in their Cosmopolitan article, the first eighteen years of your life are all based around a fixed structure of education

When that abruptly ends, it’s only natural to stand there and think: “Well, what the hell am I supposed to do now?”

It obviously doesn’t help when you have the added stressors of mental health problems — trust me, I know — but there’s always a silver lining to every problem, you’ve just got to persevere and believe in yourself. As a certain Doc once said, “if you put your mind to it, you can accomplish anything.” 

Live by that mantra, and I promise you’ll eventually get out of that post-uni limbo. 

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Wanna know how the fuck Donald Trump became President of the United States of America? Yeah, Michael Moore wants to know that, too. In a clever twist of an already famous title coined by the director in the early 2000s, Moore’s Fahrenheit 11/9 examines the chaos that is America after the election of Trump, and what it could mean for the nation’s — and the world’s — future. 

And as one wise commenter wrote after noticing a lot of disgruntled comments, “It’s a film, you don’t have to watch it.”

“Not another book recommendation,” I hear you cry. “You haven’t even finished World Without End yet!” I may not have, but that doesn’t stop a gal from continuously adding books to her to-read list on Goodreads. 

And maybe, just maybe, it’s not my fault. Blame all these sites that keep giving me such interesting finds and pretty covers, like Vulture’s Boris Kachka who recently published a list of eight new books you should read this month. I may still be stuck in the midst of the English Middle Ages, but I still need a bounty of books to read once I finish that monster tome.

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I would talk about Red Dead Redemption, but me and my brother made a pact not to watch anymore gameplay before the game comes out — i.e., when we can actually experience the game. I promise I haven’t broken that pact at all, bro … well, if you don’t count staring at the gorgeous pic above for hours on end.

I don’t know if this is a good or a bad thing, but ever since I read George Orwell’s 1984, I’ve become so intrigued about Big Brother. No, not the ominous cult of personality from the book, but the reality television show. 

Even though the show seems to have gone way off the rails of what it originally set out to be, I will be watching this Thursday to actually experience it for once. This isn’t all thanks to 1984, but is also due to me reading an article by Dazed’s Liv Siddall, who decided to fill “the gaping hole” left by Love Island (I mean, same) by re-watching the first series of Big Brother, which aired in 2000. 

She highlights some pretty damn fascinating points, like the differences in technology and how that effects the housemates, and how bare the house was back then. It was more social experiment/commentary than game show, and I really wish it would go back to that. That’s more exciting than the small snippets I’ve seen over the years.

Remember, Big Brother is always watching. 

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It’s been a long time since I’ve been this excited for a Tarantino flick, especially when there hasn’t even been a trailer released for the damn film yet. 

Instead, we are slowly being gifted these little insights into the characters — and perfect costume design — of Once Upon A Time in Hollywood, and a teeny tiny insight into the plot. Let’s all hold hands and thank Margot Robbie for blessing us with this sneak peek into her portrayal of actress Sharon Tate. 

Who knows, we might be blessed with a trailer soon, but the film is slated for release on July 26, 2019. In short, that’s a long ass wait.
This trailer needs no introduction, really. Just watch, enjoy, and patiently wait for the September 21 release. It’s gonna be a good one.

*me working during the heatwave*


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