Thursday, 25 October 2018

Single Review | 'Christmas Is A Time For Everyone' | Velinski (2018)

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October may only just be ending but believe it or not, Christmas is slowly creeping around the corner. While you shouldn't be worrying about wrapping presents just yet, it's prime time to start planning those Christmas playlists. The classics will obviously make the cut, but you can also throw some new tracks into the mix to spice things up. 

If you're looking for a song that encompasses that pure Christmas feel with a meaningful message, Velinski's 'Christmas Is A Time For Everyone'. Shedding light on those less fortunate around the holidays, the duo make sure we keep those who may not be having such a happy Christmas in mind while we celebrate the holidays ('But if there's happiness around / There are some places where it won't be found / Some people sad and lonely / They may think they're the only ones whose lives are so austere'). 

As the title rightly suggests, Christmas is certainly a time for everyone, and is a song that needs to be heard during the season of joy and giving. Velinski have also released a touching video for the song, which will begin rotation during November, and the track will also feature on a compilation CD. 

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