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Sunday, Sunday (84)

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I throughly enjoy these Wired auto-completes, but this one with Julia Roberts and Dermot Mulroney is officially the best one yet. I haven't laughed so hard during one of these, they both play off each other so well. 

There totally needs to be way more interviews between these two online, I can't get enough of them. 

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Halloween marked the 25th anniversary of the passing of actor River Phoenix, and Vanity Fair's Gavin Edwards has written a fantastic piece on the late-actor. While I'm not that familiar with his work, I am a huge fan of Joaquin Phoenix, and it was through watching his films that I found out about River. 

Instead of focusing on the dreadful events that led to River's passing, Edward makes sure to highlight River's absolute lust for life. "What distinguished Phoenix from his peers was not his growing charisma, his politics, or his secret vices," Edwards wrote. "It was his joy." 

"[...] He doesn't make sense in death, because he took so much joy in life."

I've written a couple of articles about The Little Drummer Girl over on Bustle, and I can't express enough how excited I am to sink my teeth into this series. Alexander SkarsgĂ„rd has been one of my favourite actors since I first saw him on True Blood, so you can understand my excitement to see him star in a BBC drama. 

It's also directed by the legendary Chan-wook Park (Oldboy), so this series is pretty much the perfect storm for me. 

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As much as I'd love to have my ashes scattered around Disney World when I die, there is a reason why you're not allowed to do so in any of the Disney parks. Obviously though, that doesn't stop people from bending the roles and spreading their loved ones on specific rides (The Haunted Mansion, for example) or the flower beds. 

The Wall Street Journal's Erich Schwartzel recently explored how in the event of a HEPA clean up (that's the term used by cast members), how the ashes are cleared and what this means for the parks in general. So the next time you see the Haunted Mansion temporarily closed due to technical difficulties, it's more than likely that a clean up is in process. 

While I'm still trying to get through the classic horror films I probably should have seen by now, Polygon's John Wenz has compiled a fantastic list of underrated horror films for me to dive into. 

There is one film on the list that I am throughly aware of, and that's Katheryn Bigelow's Near Dark. I have yet to actually watch the whole film, but I was introduced to it during my film course at uni. From the one scene that we saw (the infamous bar scene with Bill Paxton), I knew that this film would take a hold on me. 

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While I do enjoy an hour-long drama, my attention span would say otherwise. I often find myself guessing how much time is left in the episode. It seems I'm not alone in this, as Quartzy's Adam Epstein points out in his article about the rise of the 30-minute drama

He focuses mainly on Amazon's Homecoming, a new drama starring Julia Roberts which is probably one of the first straight dramas to only air half hour episodes. It's a win win when it comes to this time length, since I usually begin to question the time right in the middle of the episode.

"[With Homecoming it] ends before I expect it too. It's a surprise every time [and] it's wonderful," Epstein said. I need to get on this series ASAP. 

As much as I adore both Disney parks in the US, Disney World will always hold a special place in my heart and ultimately be my favourite. Popsugar's Megan Dubois agrees, who openly admits her bias when it comes to the Orlando theme park. "While I might be a little biased, as Walt Disney World is my home park and I've been an annual pass holder for more than 20 years, there really is something special about seeing Walt's vision come to life all over Orlando, Florida," she wrote. 

To put her point across, Dubois lists the major aspects of the resort holds over its Anaheim counterpart to emphasise everything Disney World has to offer that Disneyland does not. 

I've been to both parks and I love them both dearly, but Walt Disney World is where it's at, dude. "What Disneyland lacks is a true Disney bubble, where you a truly taken away from the outside world for the duration of your vacation," Dubois explained. "Walt Disney World offers that to guests staying at one of their on-site resorts." 

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I have yet to actually watch Bohemian Rhapsody, but that hasn't stopped me obsessing over Rami Malek's perfect portrayal of Freddie Mercury. A lot of that had to do with makeup, prosthetics, and wigs as hair and makeup department lead Jan Sewell reveals in an interview with Popsugar's Kelsey Castanon. 

You need to read this interview, whether you've seen the film or not. Malek's appearance in this film is far too uncanny to ignore. 

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Noel Gallagher's Who Built The Moon is definitely become one of my favourite records, so I was excited to find out that there's actually a book out right now that documents the making of the record and the subsequent tour thanks to photographer Sharon Latham.

In an interview with NME's Andrew Trendell, Latham explained how she ended up on the road with Gallagher, and how his personaility is vastly different from the usual public perception. "The fact that Noel is working at his own pace and his own terms has made him a happier man. His wit and dry humour is absolutely second to none," she explained. 

If you want to grab your copy of Any Road Will Get Us There (If We Don't Know Where We're Going), click here. I definitely am. 



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