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Sunday, Sunday (99, 100, 101 & 102)

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yeah, i seriously promise these will be weekly again soon. i've been so bloody busy lately!

Whenever I get asked how I first got into film, I always refer to Back to the Future. And while that was the catalyst for my obsession with cinema, The Matrix was the film that solidified it. I might not have been old enough to watch it when it first came out, but my dad made sure that I had it on my radar when I could actually understand what was going on — which is a feat considering the insane mythos that supports the narrative. 

Even though I'll never be able to experience the magic I had when I watched it for the first time, I had a similar feeling reading about how The Matrix came to be thanks to Vulture and their celebration of its 20th anniversary. 

I'm probably way out of the loop, but I'm obsessed with Sarah Koenig and Julie Synder's Serial podcast. I've got one episode left of the first season, and coincidentally HBO are released a four-part documentary that will further explore whether Adnan Syed is guilty or innocent, as the podcast originally explored. 

It's going to be so interesting to see what new evidence will be brought forward, especially since that may even point towards a retrial for Syed. And if this docu-series is as successful as the podcast itself, hopefully the podcasts following two seasons will also be retold in this format as well. 

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I've probably mentioned this on here before, but if I wasn't a journalist I would have totally ended up doing something in forensics or crime analysis. Obviously I didn't go down that career path, but thankfully the internet is a wonderful place that can fulfil my true crime curiosity. 

So, if like me you want to experience a variety of true crime docs, take a look at Cosmopolitan's fantastic listicle of content available to stream on Netflix. From Evil Genius to The Staircase, there is plenty of content that will keep your mind whirring hours afterwards. 

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Having the Switch for five months now has been a dream. While I've spent most of my time exploring the length and breadth of Hyrule for over 100 hours (idk whether to be immensely proud or slightly concerned), when Super Smash Bros. Ultimate was released I really wasn't that bothered. The only time I've ever played Smash was on the Wii round my BFF's house, where I literally just smashed (ayy) random buttons; it was a game of luck basically. 

Anyway, since it was my birthday around the release date, I decided to treat myself by getting Smash after my brother had nothing but praise for it. I've had it for a few weeks now and while I'm not great at it at the moment, I'm slowly getting better at it. Thankfully, my bro advised me to get a GameCube controller so I can get a hang of the controls, which is so much more comfortable than using my pro controller. 

If you're wondering who my main is at the moment, it's Pikachu (obvi). Sometimes Isabelle as well, she's a total OP. 

Thanks to Breath of the Wild, I'm now a total Zelda fan. Yeah, I'm pretty late to the party but boy am I glad I showed up. Especially since Nintendo announced the release of Link's Awakening during the Direct, which was originally the fourth instalment of the Zelda franchise. I have literally no experience with the original game, but I am so in love with the art style and the way Nintendo have adapted a 2D game into a 3D world. 

Hopefully this will mean that the first, second, and third games will be remade in a similar style because I really want to experience this series on the Switch. Obviously I can through Nintendo Online, but I'd love to see those games remade in this style. 

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If you're as confused as I am regarding Marvel pulling their shows off Netflix, The Hollywood Reporter recently published an article exploring the reasons behind these cancellations. There's also the possibility that the likes of Daredevil, Jessica Jones and The Punisher could end up on Disney's upcoming streaming service Disney+. This would give them more control over the content being produced, and would ultimately make more of a profit for the company. 

The future for shows that aren't owned directly by Netflix (like Friends and The Office) doesn't look pretty, unless some sort of deal can be made. 

It took me long enough, but I finally finished Far Cry 5 just in time for the release of New Dawn. While I wasn't a huge fan of Far Cry 5's ending, it was a conclusion I totally wasn't expecting. Plus, it made way for an interesting sequel since I'd been enveloped with the story of Hope County through the main game, so it's pretty interesting to play New Dawn immediately after finishing its predecessor. Especially through seeing old faces, how the county has changed since the disaster, and the way in which the general population of the U.S. reacted to it. 

I also love the aesthetic of the Highwaymen. There are obvious Mad Max vibes, but the way in which the Highwaymen are presented is different enough to make the gang uniquely recognisable through their vibrant style and their penchant for brutal violence. I really love the style that the New Dawn team went with both the gang and the game-world in general — this is a strange thing to say, but it's nice to see a post-apocalyptic world look so... beautiful. 

I have so much to say about the Pokemon Direct, so I'll keep this short — I am beyond excited to explore Gala and to meet all the new mons that populate the region. And for the first time in a long time, I'm finding it hard to actually pick which starter I'm going to begin my journey with. Once there's more information is released regarding the gyms and the starter evolutions, I'll go full depth into what I think of the eighth gen. 

For now, let's just say I'm extremely happy. 


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